Triplets At Sariska

The Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) of Rajasthan has a new set of triplets. The six-year-old tigress called ST-12 has given birth to triplets once again. This makes her mother of six cubs. It was in 2018 the tigress gave birth to her first set of triplets and it was history in the record of STR. […]

Getting Back The Titanic Radio

A federal judge has ruled that a salvage company can go forward with its plan to recover the telegraph used in Titanic to send out distress calls as it sank. With this ruling the court has overturned a 2000 order prohibiting the company from cutting into the ship’s hull. The judge ruled that the radio […]

Glaring At Earth

A galaxy that looked like an eye was glaring at earth 11 billion years ago. The galaxy, R5519 is made up of a flat ring of stars, with a hole in the middle. Astronomers believe that another blob of stars punched through. Galaxies such as this one is called “collisional ring galaxies.” Astronomers come across […]

The Long Journey

The cuckoo that was satellite tagged in Mongolia last summer recorded a journey of 7,500 miles (12,000km) from southern Africa to its breeding ground in Mongolia. It survived ocean crossings and high winds. It travelled through 16 countries. This is the lengthiest movement recorded by any type of land bird. The cuckoo named Onon set […]

Arctic Moss Mice

Scientists were always fascinated by the fuzzy balls of moss that travel across Arctic glaciers. The analysis of 30 such strange glacier mice was done the Root Glacier in Alaska. The study was done using bracelets of beads to measure the movements of the balls across a period of four years. These balls of dirt […]

Neolithic Man Did The Planning

Göbekli Tepe the world’s oldest temple was planned before its construction. It has a precise geometric plan, according to new findings. The Neolithic site, known as Göbekli Tepe, is on a limestone mountain ridge in south-eastern Turkey. This was built 11,000 to 12,000 years ago. This was before farming and or animal domestication happened. The […]

Rock Art With Bee Wax

The 500-year-old rarest rock-art was created using beeswax says a news study. The site of rock art is at Yilbilinji near northern Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria. The art depicts humanlike figure holding a boomerang (right), surrounded by more boomerangs. It is a  type of stencilling that involved creating miniature outlines of humans, tools, and other […]

Saharan Cheetah Seen After A Decade

Saharan Cheetah seen at Hoggar Mountains national park in Algeria. It was filmed for the first time in a decade reports state-run APS news agency. This is a critically endangered subspecies. The sighting was made public by the park official Salah Amokrane. The animal was seen in the Atakor volcanic field whose peaks approach a […]

King Henry VII’s Digital Restoration

King Henry VII death mask that was cast in 1509 has been used to produce the image of the king. Before the invention of photography, the wax masks were used to preserve a person’s likeliness. It was considered to be more accurate than paintings or illustrations. The effigy of the King used during his funeral […]

WW2 Survivor Alligator Died in Moscow Zoo

Saturn, the alligator who survived the world war 2 bombing has died in Moscow Zoo aged 84. Saturn was gifted to Berlin Zoo in 1936 soon after he was born in the US. He escaped the bombing in 1943 during the peak of world war 2. After three years he was found by British soldiers […]