Tik Tok: The 2nd Most Downloaded App

Short video-sharing social media app, TikTok has become the second most downloaded app of 2019. It dethroned giants like Facebook and Messenger. The platform owned by China-based ByteDance was downloaded over 700 million times around the globe. WhatsApp is still the global leader with 850 million downloads. Tiktok’s 44 percent of total downloads made in […]

Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution is regarded as Federal in form and unitary in spirit Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under Fundamental Rights Indian Constitution recognizes minorities on the basis of Religion Untouchability I abolished and its practice is punishable according to Article 17 The writ issued by the court in case of illegal detention of a person […]

10 second bite for Clean Teeth

Y-Brush, a French company has introduced an electronic tooth brush in CES 2020. It claims to do an in-depth cleaning of your teeth in 10 seconds. It cleans your teeth using the sonic vibrating technology. You can use any tooth paste for this. Apply the paste and put the mouthpiece inside the mouth and click […]

Ganges –The holy river

River Ganges that originate deep within Himalayas is one of the major rivers in the Indian subcontinent. It is the world’s third largest river on the basis of discharge of water. The river basin has supported civilization from ancient times. The first known civilization in the river basin is Harappan civilization. Ganges is worshipped as […]

Himalayas: The miracle of nature

Himalayas, the most significant geographical structure of India is important both spiritually and otherwise. Literally defining the word ‘Hima’ in Sanskrit is ‘snow’ and the word, ‘alaya’ means ‘abode’. The ‘Abode of Snow’ is inspiration and revelation in a number of other religions as well.  This stretches a 4000 km from Kyrgyzstan to Burma. Himalayas […]

18 January in History

Peace conference started in Paris after World War I The County Commissioner of Tioga County, Pennsylvania has awarded money to be used for the building of three different iron bridges in 1901 A crowded commuter train in a Sydney suburb derailed into a 100-ton bridge causing the bridge to collapse onto the train trapping hundreds […]

PigeonBot: Feathered robot

Elegance, effortless and efficiency we find in our avian friends have always awed the scientist. When creating airborne machines scientists found it difficult to mimic nature till now, but this is changing. A team of scientists Stanford University has created PigeonBot — a winged robot. This robot has 40 actual pigeon feathers fitted on it. […]

Treat Cancer with Turmeric

Turmeric was associated with healing properties from time immemorial. It is a member of ginger family native to India and Southeast Asia. The roots are used to flavor food. It is also used as dye. Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional Indian system of treatment, recommends turmeric for a variety of health conditions. These include chronic pain […]

Government Job Openings : 18 Jan 2020

Disclaimer: This news is taken from advertisements. Career Core does not evaluate the advertisement and are not be responsible for any damages. Forestry Staff Forest Department Delhi has invited application for forestry staff Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering from any recognized University/Institute can apply. Submit the application online before 13-Feb-2020 (till 11:59 PM) at: […]

Scholarship for Performing Artists

Sanskriti Foundation has been giving out Sanskriti-Kalakriti Fellowship for young performing artists. They have been doing it for the past 25 years. This is to promote and encourage young artists to advance in their field. The fellowship is open only to Indian Nationalists in the age group of 25-40. The candidate must have at least […]