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‘Dog-sized Sea Scorpion

The new giant sea scorpion, the first to be discovered in 80 years and the first in Asia, was the apex predator of its time. Scientists say they may have been more common than we thought. The species has been named T. xiushanensis by scientists and is related to modern day arachnids and horseshoe crabs. Scientists have said that it likely

Oldest Dog

12000-year-old fossil jaw found in Nacaome, northeast Costa Rica could be of the oldest domesticated dogs that

Rare Cojoined Turtle

At the Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts cojoined turtles with two heads and a single body have

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Stone Spheres

An ancient tomb about 5,500 years ago has two polished stone balls. This tomb on the island of Sanday, in the Orkney Islands

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Gender Based Diet

Researchers led by the University of York found that the bones of victims of the 79 CE eruption of Vesuvius in the nearby town of

Eternal Love Lock

Archaeologists in northern China have discovered two ancient skeletons wrapped in an embrace. The remains likely belonged to a

30000 Year Old Mummy

In 2017 mammoth tusk collector Boris Berezhnev in Siberia was on his hunt for mammoth tusks when he found a lion cub. It was



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Wandering Spleen

Women admitted with abdominal pain was detected with a rare condition called