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30 Years of Editing

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Photoshop, a powerhouse tool that has become synonymous with photo editing has turned 30. To celebrate the 30 years Adobe has announced new features in both versions of Photoshop, the desktop and iPad.

For Photoshop on the desktop

  • Content-Aware Fill Workspace Improvements: You can make multiple selections and apply multiple fills without leaving the workspace.
  • Lens Blur improvements: Improved output quality and performance for realistic and pleasing results.
  • Mac OS Dark UI support: Supports the new dark mode.
  • Performance improvements: Key performance improvements with buttery and seamless mousing experience, smoother panning and zooming etc.

For Photoshop on the iPad

  • Object Selection tool: Available with the same functions, options and settings as in the desktop version.
  • Type settings: The typographic controls available on the desktop to the iPad

The app has become the verb on image manipulation with the widespread stories on edited propaganda and touched-up celebrities.

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