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50,000 Species Of Spider

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Arachnologists have now confirmed that there are 50,000 known different species of spider crawling on the Earth’s surface. The World Spider Catalog (WSC)based at the Natural History Museum of Bern in the Swiss capital has confirmed that the 50,000 spider has been registered. It is the Guriurius minuano that belongs to the Salticidae family of jumping spiders and hunts its prey on shrubs and trees in southern Brazil, Uruguay, and around Buenos Aires.

It was described by the arachnologist Kimberly S. Marta and her colleagues from Brazil and is named after the now-extinct Minuane people who lived in the area.

The first scientific description of a spider was in 1757. It took 265 years to reach the value 50,000. The rate of discovery is steadily increasing, and it is believed that it could take less than 100 years to discover the same number again.

“We estimate that there are still approximately 50,000 more spider species out there to discover,” said the WSC’s publishers.

Arachnologist is a person who specializes in the study of spiders and other arachnids.  

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