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7 Years in Isolation

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The bushfire of 2013 in the Australian island state of Tasmania the flames burned some 50,000 acres state-wide. For the farmers like Alice Gray it destroyed the farm and there was loss of animals too. Several livestock animals living on the farm fled for their lives. A sheep now known as Prickles who was then little more than a tiny lamb has now wandered back into the Grays’ farm after seven years. It is now round like a cotton ball with all the unshorn wool. The sheep was first spotted after it was caught in footage captured by a night vision camera installed on the property. It appeared again during the birthday celebration of their son.

The massive wool coat will be sheered on 1 May. Gray has decided to make a competition to guess the weight of Prickles’ fleece. The money raised will be given to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN agency charged with advocating for the world’s refugees.

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