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After Centuries

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After hundreds of years a wild white stork chick has hatched in UK for the first time. The nests containing eggs were monitored at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex. The parents were seen incubating them before removing eggshell from the nest.

The monitoring was done as part of the project to breed wild white storks. The aim is to restore at least 50 breeding pairs across the south of England by 2030. 250 birds are being released in Sussex after a successful breeding programme at the Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford, Oxfordshire.Lucy The female stork, a bird from Poland and one of the storks from the project, mated with a male believed to be one of the “20 or so vagrant storks” that visit the country every year. Groves, project officer for the White Stork Project, said that the nests will be closely inspected over the next few days to determine how many of the five eggs had hatched successfully. The White Stork Project, which aims to re-establish the species, is a joint venture between private landowners and wildlife conservation organizations.

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