Discovery Kids

School children of New Zealand has discovered a giant fossilized penguin. Experts say it is a new species. In 2006 a group of school children on a Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club (JUNATS) fossil hunting field trip in Kawhia Harbour, led by the club’s fossil expert Chris Templer, discovered the bones of a giant fossil penguin. […]

Stone Spheres

An ancient tomb about 5,500 years ago has two polished stone balls. This tomb on the island of Sanday, in the Orkney Islands north of mainland Scotland belong to the Neolithic Britain. Hundreds of similar stone balls, each about the size of a baseball, have been found at Neolithic sites mainly in Scotland and the […]

99 Million-Year-Old Spider Mummies

99 million years ago the spiders were guarding their egg sacs and possibly caring for already hatched spiderlings when they were trapped in sticky tree resin. The now extinct female of the Lagonomegopidae spider family protects the egg sac with a hollow tree. The hardened resins trapped arachnid moms in four masses of amber. The […]

Drinking Caterpillars

All caterpillars are not lucky enough to grow up into beautiful butterflies. Some become living milkshakes for their dads, who guzzle caterpillar body fluids to attract the ladies. This is the first time scientists have documented such a grisly behaviour. Recently, scientists observed adult milkweed butterflies in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, using tiny claws on their […]

14 Years Overdue

14 years overdue book was recently returned by a patron to a Scottish library. OnFife, which operates the libraries in the Fife region, said a customer recently came into one of the facilities and was told they had never returned a copy of The Amazing Maurice by Terry Pratchett after checking the it out in […]

Less Rain Due to Wildfire

Clouds affected by smoke from wildfire may produce less rain says a news study. Airborne instruments were used to study the changes in clouds. When smoke rises from wildfires it pummels clouds with tiny airborne particles. These clouds contained, on average, five times as many water droplets as unaffected clouds. However, those numerous droplets didn’t […]

Metal Infused Jaws

The small animals’ piercing and slashing body parts are infused with metals such as zinc and manganese, making the parts tough and durable. Latest studies give a wider idea about how these tool like appendages form hard and extremely sharp cutting edges. Robert Schofield, a physicist at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and colleagues […]

Mimic In Birds

A lyrebird called Echo has learned to perfectly replicate the sound of a wailing baby. This bird lives in  Sydney zoo, can also mimic a fire alarm and power drill, a zoo official said. Echo has learned how to mimic the shrieks and shrills of human babies. It started using snippets of the stirring sound […]

NASA’s Air Taxi

NASA is commonly thought of as America’s space agency. but it is also America’s civilian aerospace research organization. It has been instrumental in developing new technologies ranging from rocket engines to aircraft control systems. Part of that role is running the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) campaign to test autonomous drone technology. The latest milestone is […]

Rocket Termination

Firefly’s Alpha rocket was “terminated” over the Pacific Ocean shortly after its liftoff from Vandenberg Space Force Base due to an “anomaly” during the first-stage ascent. This resulted in the loss of the vehicle. Texas-based Firefly’s Alpha rocket was designed to target the growing market for launching small satellites into Earth orbit.It was terminated shortly […]