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Animals Visit the City

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With coronavirus pandemic the cities in the world are facing locked down, quarantines and social distancing. This has given the animals that lurk in the periphery of big cities and suburbs the courage to explore. Sika deer wandered through city streets and subway stations of Nara, Japan, raccoons on the beach in San Felipe, Panama and wild turkeys in Oakland, California.

Paige Warren, an ecologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst said, “Quarantines could continue to affect wildlife in unexpected ways. I’ll be interested in whether creatures like coyotes and foxes start acting bolder in American cities.”

Some animals like the sika dears who are accustomed to tourists feeding them have ventured into the city looking for food. Earlier there was news of monkey fights (Read more at: https://careercore.in/coronavirus-starts-gang-wars.html ) in Thailand.

Researchers say that wildlife population will not dramatically rebound and retake cities. There will be subtle changes. The urban foxes and coyotes coming out of their hiding spots a bit more and birds looking for new pastures.

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