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Antartica Turning Green

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With increase in global temperature, parts of Antartica Peninsula are changing colour. This is caused by blooming algae in the area.

Antartica do not have plant life but it has several types of algae. These grow on slushy snow and suck carbon dioxide.

The large algae blooms were captured in the Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey combined satellite imagery. More than 1600 separate green algae blooms were detected. These blooms absorb carbon dioxide equivalent to 875,000 average car journeys. Also these blooms were within five kilometre of a penguin colony. The bird excrement serves as a fertiliser. These grow in ‘warmer’ areas, where average temperatures are just above zero degrees Celsius. In some areas, the single-cell life-forms are so dense they turn the snow bright green and can be seen from space

Almost two-thirds of the green algal blooms were found on small, low-lying islands around the peninsula, which has experienced some of the most intense heating in the world, with new temperature records being set this summer. The snow algae were less conspicuous in colder, southern regions.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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