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Astronomy as a Career Option after 12th

To take astronomy as a career option

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Astronomy as a Career Option After 12th

Astronomy is the study of the heavenly bodies, their movements and physical properties.  It is actually more of an observational science and involves the interpretations of these observations using the most advanced mathematical analysis.

Present day astronomy requires the utilization of most recent innovations.  Moreover, it requires quick PCs, best in class programming to deal with the information and to process pictures and it also needs stable space platforms to watch radiation generally hindered by the Earth’s environment.

With India now having its own satellite launching stations and recently launching a number of satellites, there is coming a huge demand for manpower to maintain, handle data and storing it.  Partnering with various countries to do space research projects has also increased the demand for manpower.

Job opportunities include as scientists and observers in India as well as in research centers abroad, as university faculty, in industry and so on.

As you can see now career in astronomy after 12th is a good option.  It has plenty of higher study options available for students.  To decide on the study option, the student need to have solid base in physics as well as maths.  Computer skills are an added advantage.  Since the work involves research, candidates require immense persistence level and the interest to gather information.  Moreover, curiosity and high dedication is the main qualities required for a researcher.

Courses after 12th:  

M.Sc degree/ B.Tech, followed by PhD.  IITs offer M.Sc + PhD dual-degree programme.  PhD is compulsory to become an astronomer.

Various Universities and colleges conduct their own entrance tests for the admissions. One such entrance test is the upcoming IISC 2019 (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) that provides admission for its undergraduate courses.

You have to clear the GATE 2019/NET 2019 examination for admission to PhD courses. You can also appear for the JEST 2019 (Joint Entrance Screening Test) for admission into PhD course.

After completing the courses related to astronomy, candidate can search for a career in the relevant field.  NASA, Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers (ABAA), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and so on offer many job openings.


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