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Awareness of Cancer – A Must Read

Better be safe than be Sorry

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Awareness of Cancer Symptoms

Awareness of cancer symptoms is a must in today’s world, as to the increasing number of cancer patients.  Most of these cases could have been treated easily, had the person been aware of the early symptoms.  However, some symptoms does not always mean its the disease but as the saying goes ‘Its better to be safe than be sorry’.

Here below are some of the common symptoms associated with cancer:
  1. Experiencing Fatigue:  One of the cancer symptoms is that the person can always feel tired.  Colon cancer and leukemia can both generate this symptom.  If you feel tired more than the normal period, its always advisable to seek medical help.
  2. Continuous pain:  Having pain in a particular area with no cause can be taken as a symptom, specially if the medication is not working.  Depending on the affected area it can be a sign of brain tumor, rectum, ovary or colon cancer.
  3. Unusual changes on the skin:  This happens usually for skin cancer.  Keep watch for unusual freckles, moles or warts on your body.  Reddened skin, blotches and bleeding can also be signs of other cancers.
  4. Unexplained changes in weight:  Most cancers will make you lose or gain weight drastically at some point.  So better keep an eye on the weight.
  5. A lump on or under the skin:  If you notice an unusual lump or a thickening on your body, this could be an telling you that everything is not okay.  So you should check it immediately.
  6. A cough that doesn’t go away:  Persistent cough can be reason for worry, specially if you experience pain in your chest, back or shoulder area.
  7. Bleeding:  Coughing up blood, bleeding from vagina or anus are some types of bleeding to look out for.
  8. Changes in bladder or bowel habits:  Painful urination, blood in your urine can be signs of prostrate cancer.  Diarrhea and constipation could also be signs of colon cancer.
  9. Fever:  As cancer affects the immune system, fever can affect the body frequently.
  10. Hard time in swallowing food:  If you are struggling with swallowing food, it could be a sign of stomach, esophagus or throat cancer.

All the above signs are most of the common ones.  Again, these won’t always be signs of cancer but its always better to be sure just to be safe.  Yearly checkup is always a good idea if you over 30 years, as most of the cancers are treatable if found at an early stage.

Be Safe!!!!!!


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