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Beard To Win Battles

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Researchers have found in a recent study that the thick facial hair evolved as a response to win battles. Earlier studies have confirmed lion’s mane protect it from rival’s lethal claws and teeth. Now studies have come to the conclusion that it is the same for humans.

Evidences have shown that human skeletons and muscles evolved to support specializations linked to male fighting. New study says male facial shapes evolved to protect the face from damage during combat. The hairs in a beard can collectively diffuse the force of a blow.

The study was conducted using approximated structure of bone in a human skull and sheepskin fleece. It revealed that hair significantly reduce the force of impact from a blunt strike and absorb energy. So it led to the conclusion that full beard may help protect vulnerable regions of the facial skeleton from damaging strikes. It will also reduce injury, laceration and contusion, to the skin and muscle of the face.

The coarseness, thickness, curl and density of the facial hair beard vary. So the   beards may vary in their effectiveness at warding off damage from impacts says the study.

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