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Bearded Vulture In UK

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Bearded vulture has been spotted for the second time in UK. It was seen roosting in the Peak District National Park. The bird of prey, which is also known as the lammergeier, is one of the largest wild birds ever seen in the UK. The bird watchers flocked the moors after reported sightings to catch a glimpse and a photograph the bird. Tim Birch, from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, said the bird was about two years old and had flown over to the UK from the Alps, where the endangered species is being reintroduced. The bird feeds on the bones of animal carcasses and the full-grown bird boasts an almost 3m wingspan. It is not dangerous to people or farm animals. Only other of its kind ever seen in the UK was in 2016, around Dartmoor. The bearded vulture was spotted in Belgium before arriving in the UK, where it has attracted birdwatchers from across the country.

The bearded vulture is classified as a near-threatened species by the IUCN Red List. They are known to drop skeletons from a height to break them into smaller pieces before swallowing them. The species is found in mountainous regions in Europe, Asia and Africa. It was once common in the Alps but was driven to extinction by the early 20th century, in part because of unfounded stories about the birds stealing livestock or even babies.

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