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Beetles As Old As Egyptian Pyramids

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The thumb-size beetles that were preserved in an English bog is as old as Egyptian pyramids.

The beetle was found by a farmer on the eastern coast of England known for its Bronze and Iron Age settlements, as well as its bogs. These waterlogged bogs have low-oxygen, highly-acidic conditions known for preserving organic matter, including dead bodies. Natural History Museum (NHM) in London had these beetles in its collection since the late 1970s.

The age of the beetles was determined in a recent radiocarbon dating study. The two oak Capricorn beetles (that belonged to the genus Cerambyx) date 3,785 years.

Cooling temperatures from climate change may have caused the oak Capricorn beetle to go extinct in England, but not in Southern and Central Europe, where they live today.  It existed in Britain 4,000 years ago because the climate was warmer, and as the climate cooled and the habitats destroyed, it became extinct. Oak capricorn beetles, which live for just three to five years, lay their eggs in the deadwood part of very old, unshaded living trees. The adults can fly, but poorly. They are usually found within one-third of a mile (500 meters) of their tree.

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