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Bridge between Education and Job Sector: ASAP

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Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) is an initiative of the Government of Kerala to bridge the gap between the education and job sector demands. The aim of the program is to empower young community through skill training and enhance the employability of the students. This is an initiative implemented jointly by the Higher Education, General Education, Labour and Local Self Government Departments of Kerala in 2012.

There are around 23 sectors and multiple courses are available under each sector. Skill development centres are available throughout Kerala. The standardisation parameters for the courses are laid out by National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

The programme has Foundation module, Skill Course and Internship.

  • Foundation module enable students with English speaking skill and basic computer skill.
  • Skill Course impart skill training in various sectors such as apparel, agriculture, accounting etc.
  • Internship help students to get updated with the current market trends.

Candidates are selected through aptitude test and interview.

Under ASAP a program for empowering women is available called She Skills. A female who has completed 15 years, and passed the 10th standard can apply for this program. There is no upper age limit for this. There are around 32 skills available under this program.

Other courses available in ASAP are:

Regular Courses: This is for first year degree Arts and Science students or first year Higher Secondary students from Govt./ Aided institutions that run ASAP courses. This is offered along with the regular educational curriculum. So classes are held after school/college hours or on weekends and holidays.

Summer Skill School: This is a short term programme offered during the summer vacations. Those who are in the age group of 15-25 can attend the same.

Communicative English Trainer Programme: This is a short term training programme meant for final year Degree and PG students with commendable English communication skills.

You can find more details on this program at: http://asapkerala.gov.in/

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