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Bronze Age Weapons Require Real Skill

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Bronze age swords were impressive. Experts were doubtful if it was really in use or was used just ornamental. Further studies and mock combat have revealed that the swords were ready to use and real skill was required to use the weapons. Scientists took the help of research group in the United Kingdom called the Bronze Age Combat Project (BACP) to study the weapons. The BACP brought together experts from universities and museums and hobbyist volunteers who train in medieval European combat.

Controlled experiments using replica of Bronze Age weapons were conducted. Then the study of wear patterns on Bronze Age blades and the replica was done. The study came to the conclusion that the fighters had excellent control of the weapon through sustained training. The Bronze Age, around 3000 B.C. to 1200 B.C, weapons were bronze — tin mixed with copper. This is softer than steel and more prone to damage. So the fighters in Bronze age were aware that their blades were prone to chipping and scratching. So have practiced extensively to learn how to use their weapons.

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