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About CORE

In 1999 a few educationists who wanted to contributed their mite to the national endeavour put their heads together https://chiefessays.net/ to draw up a plan for a centre of educational programmes including action-oriented research to make the programmes more scientific and meaningful. CORE is the outcome of that thinking and effort.

It was not the idea of the CORE to repeat in a mechanical way what other institutions both government and private, were doing in the field of education. Realising the fact that the development of the State of Kerala and the country as a whole can forge ahead by creating a strong knowledge base the CORE thought of a few innovative programmes particularly in emerging areas of knowledge. In a short period CORE could attract the attention of ambitious students, discerning parents and the government.

 In the present context of downsizing the government organisations like CORE have a vital role to play in supplementing the efforts of the government and see that educational endeavours are not slackened. CORE has been able to gather a number of educationists, senior academics and researchers to push our programme forward  in full force. Education, Training, Orientation and Research are the four areas in which the CORE has been concentrating all these years. Oral teaching, distance education, holiday and vacation programmes are the modes that CORE has adopted. 

Publication of books of educational value and relevance is another area in which CORE has made a significant mark. Several titles of general interest as well as syllabus based text books have been published under the imprint of CORE. They are in great demand. A course how to write a dialogue in an essay in Translation was designed by the faculty of the CORE under the supervision of (Dr. Prabhodha Chandran ) which was taught to a number of students. The course became very popular among postgraduates aspiring for new careers in written communication and literary transactions.
The main thrust of our  organisation in these areas has been the enhancement of quality at all levels Our activities in these areas may be categorised under eight major heads: Education, Training, Orientation courses, Publication, Research, Extension, Educational Guidance and Counselling.


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