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Car Break-in By Black Bear

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 Trail, B.C., resident Michael Allison woke to find his car had been mangled. The culprit he suspects the neighbourhood black bear, which he sees about two to three times a week.

There were pieces of shattered glass everywhere, a back door’s metal frame was bent, and there were scratch marks all throughout the vehicle. Also there was bear prints right near where the door was shattered and there was also some bear fur.

He confirmed that he didn’t leave any food or garbage inside the car, but believes some spilled coffee may have enticed the animal to target his vehicle.

Usually the bear avoids people. Maybe it just saw an opportunity to rip open a tin can and get some food says Allison.

Wildlife experts believe it is likely the bear has broken into vehicles in the past.

“Most often when bears break into things it’s because they’ve done so successfully in the past and received a food award of some sort,” said Vanessa Ignardy with WildsafeBC.

Ignardy also said that when black bears come out of hibernation, they typically seek lush green spaces to feast on dandelions. Instead of going to those natural food sources, they may direct their attention to other areas they’ve had success in the past, which is really unfortunate.

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