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Career with Coffee

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Coffee, the second most consumed beverage in the world has opened multiple career options from production to retail. Though you won’t find in dictionaries, in modern day the term used for the study or understanding of all things related to coffee is Coffeeology. Coffee like wine must be taken care from the time it is cultivated, processed and roasted.

There are various paths for an enthusiast in this field. They are

  • Introduction to coffee: Coffee’s journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today.
  • Barista skills that is required behind the expresso bar. This include setting the grinder, milk techniques, latte art, health and safety, basic business practices and customer services. 
  • Brewing: Variety of methods for brewing coffee and the brewing variables that affect quality. Develop brewing skills that provide hands-on learning on grinding, brewing methods, measuring coffee strength and charting coffee’s extraction
  • Green Coffee: The key concepts of green coffee that include coffee production, processing, grading, shipping, storage, arrival at destination, coffee contracts and portfolio management.
  • Roasting: The roasting process of the coffee that enable you to understand the physical changes the bean undergo, roast levels, identify the defects etc
  • Sensory skills: Implementing the knowledge of coffee’s natural taste and mixing, investigating how these are perceived in the business

In India Araku Originals Coffee Campus is the first in the country to receive global accreditation as an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). The Premier Training Campus is in Hyderabad.

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