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Wars in History

War is as old as civilization. Some wars in history. World War I 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918 Fought

Computer Awareness

@ is called as 'spider monkey by Germans and snail by Italians.Stealth virus overtake computer system when it boots and destroy

Wild Life

The only mammal in the world that doesn't have vocal cords is Giraffes.There is a kind of snake that can fly. It's called the

Computer Awareness

Plotter is used to reproduce drawings using pens that are attached to movable arms.'Scitation' is the online host service of

Places and Location

The Yellow Stone National Park is in U.S.A. National Gallery of Modern Art and Museum is in New Delhi.Somanth Temple is in

Ancient Indian History

The most unique feature of Dholavira site of the Indus Valley Civilization is that its cities were divided into 3 parts.Other