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Mysterious Hut In Moon

China's Yutu 2 lunar rover has spotted a "mysterious hut" on the far side of the moon. The strange white object appears oddly

Smuggled Animals

Airport police in Colombia thwarted a pair’s attempt to leave the country with hundreds of unauthorized critters. It was reported

Staying Warm

Sea Otters can burn calories at a rate three times as fast as predicted for a creature their size. This helps them to stay

Flying By Earth

On December 11 asteroid 4660 Nereus will fly over Earth.it is relatively frequent in near-Earth space, which means it is well

Water From Sun

The source of water in Earth is still unknown. However, the dust of a nearby asteroid has now revealed a potentially overlooked

Milky Way’s Feather

Astronomers have found the Milky Way’s first known ‘feather’. It is the gaseous structure bridges two of the galaxy’s spiral