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Mining The Moon

With the private companies have started showing interest in not just earth but also in space. As of now there are not set rules

Breaking Apart

Under the Indian ocean the tectonic plate is breaking into two, says a new study. This is happening to the

Dolphin Gifts

In Australia a pod of Dolphins is bringing gifts to humans. In return they expect a fish. These sea creatures have trained the

Ingesting Plastics

Birds on the river banks are ingesting plastics at an alarming rate. In a new study scientists say plastics are ingested at the

Birth Of A Planet

Image of a swirling, twisted cloud of dust and gas over 530 light years away may show the birth of a planet. The near-infrared

Cicadas To Emerge

After 17 long years underground a brood of periodical cicadas will emerge in several east coast states. After they come out they