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Computer Awareness

Plotter is used to reproduce drawings using pens that are attached to movable arms.'Scitation' is the online host service of

Netflix at Rs 5 Only

Netflix to test promotional strategy for India that offers first month subscription at just Rs 5. This is for select new

30 Years of Editing

Photoshop, a powerhouse tool that has become synonymous with photo editing has turned 30. To celebrate the 30 years Adobe has


Linux is the first fully supported 64-bit operating system.IBM introduced the computer hard disk in 1956.Hardware is the part of

IT World

30 November is the computer security day.C Chip is made of transistors.Ray Tomlinson invented the e-mail system.There are 8 bits

Computer Awareness

The improvement of computer hardware theory is summarized by Moore’s First Law.Program is a software which is used to do

Computer Awareness

Non-volatile storage stores or retains data after power off.ROM is a permanent memory that holds data and instruction for