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Largest Whale Carcass

The carcass of an enormous finback whale washed up by the harbour of Italy’s Sorrento, one of the popular tourist destinations.

Adapting To Acidity

The excess CO2 that is being released into the air is driving up the acidity of the oceans apart from other dangers. The acidity

Missing Raven Queen

The lore about the Tower of London, in the United Kingdom says “six ravens must live in the tower at all times, and "the crown

Eating Siblings

Megalodon was the biggest predatory shark that have existed in Earth's history. Latest studies say the pups of these sharks were

Dwarf Giraffe

Giraffes are the world's tallest mammals. their legs alone are about 6 feet. But now scientists have spotted in Uganda's

Mama’s Boys

Male chimps need their moms even as young adults. They continue to maintain tight bonds with their mothers and this mother-son

Living Stones

The Romanian town Costesti have stones that has organic-looking shapes and strange cement oozings, inspiring myths about the