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First Time In 30 Years

A rare insect has been sighted in Scotland for the first time in over 30 years. The cow wheat shieldbug was found in woodland in

Smallest Stegosaur

A team of palaeontologists has identified the tiniest known stegosaur footprint. This was preserved in the stone in the Xinjiang

Oldest Pair Of Thumbs

Pterosaur, the winged reptiles that lived through most of the Mesozoic era (from about 252 million to 66 million years ago) had

Solved after 25 years

The death of bald eagles that looked like a massacre started in 1994 continued till 1996. Almost 70 eagles had died across

Walking Under Sea

Vertebrates must have walked in the deep oceans for the first time millions of years ago says scientists. Generally, it’s

Eagle Shark

93 million years ago an odd shark dubbed Aquilolamna milarcae or eagle shark soared through oceans. It had wing-like fins and a

Brooding for Centuries

An oviraptorosaur, or a giant feathered dinosaur met its end while brooding on a nest of blue-green eggs. The remains of the

From Arctic To Ireland

A local fisherman and his five-year-old daughter in Ireland's County Kerry had a rare sighting on March 14. A walrus was spotted