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Functionally Extinct

At the beginning of the century there were fewer than 100 southern white rhinoceroses, but now there are 20,000. However, the

Patterns From Ice Age

Manatees during winter south toward warmer waters. New fossils suggest that their Ice Age ancestors may have made similar

In Trouble

The carnivore plants in the world are facing imminent extinction. These plants around the world, which can capture and eat flies,

Cave Bear Intact

The thawing Siberian permafrost has yielded a new discovery, the carcass of a 30,000 years old extinct cave bear. Reindeer

Age Is Just A Number

A 62- year old python laid eggs despite not having contact with a male python for more than 15 years. This was revealed by the

Piggy Back To 100 Babies

The photo of a freshwater gharial giving piggy back ride to more than 100 of his month-old children has gone viral. The photo was