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Carnivore Flower

Though it looks like a harmless, white-petaled flower, Triantha occidentalis is a carnivore. The special sticky hairs on its

Dim Earth

Climate change is making earth dimmer. Earth is reflection less light as its climate continues to change says a new study.

Drinking Caterpillars

All caterpillars are not lucky enough to grow up into beautiful butterflies. Some become living milkshakes for their dads, who

One In Every Three

30% of the world's tree species face extinction in the wild. This means one in every three trees face extinction in wild, says a

Unknown Human Lineage

A teenage girl buried7,200 years ago in what is now Indonesia belonged to a previously unknown human lineage. The lineage doesn't

Tortoise Do Hunt

First time a tortoise has been filmed while going for the kill. A. gigantea (aka the Aldabra giant tortoise) were thought to be