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Tuatara Is Special

Tuatara from New Zealand is a strange animal. It is a lizard like animal but in the evolutionary tree it has lot of relatives.

Neurotoxins to Kill

Spider webs are the toughest known natural materials. It is light and yet five times stronger than steel and bacteria resistant.

Back to Life

A frog swallows an insect and it is digested. Now in a rare case one beetle species shrugs off being digested. It has sneaked out

Without Tagging

An experienced and most sharp-eyed of ornithologist find it difficult to recognize individual birds. Researchers have now

The Microbes Return

Dormant 100-million-year-old microbes have been revived by the scientists. These microbes were buried in the seafloor and dormant

Ice Age Weeds

Kelp off the coast of Scotland, Ireland and France has survived since the last ice age, around 16,000 years ago, says a new

Not Born Big

The world's biggest fishes are the mola, or sunfish. An adult sunfish are the heaviest bony fish in the world, measuring up to 10

Pregnant Dad

Male seahorse is the only vertebrate that can deliver babies. This fish can hold more than 1000 embryos in a 'brood pouch' for a

Not Dinosaur But Lizard

Earlier a fossil that was reported to be a tiny dinosaur (https://careercore.in/tweeny-weeny.html ) might be a lizard. A new