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Drinking Caterpillars

All caterpillars are not lucky enough to grow up into beautiful butterflies. Some become living milkshakes for their dads, who

One In Every Three

30% of the world's tree species face extinction in the wild. This means one in every three trees face extinction in wild, says a

Unknown Human Lineage

A teenage girl buried7,200 years ago in what is now Indonesia belonged to a previously unknown human lineage. The lineage doesn't

Tortoise Do Hunt

First time a tortoise has been filmed while going for the kill. A. gigantea (aka the Aldabra giant tortoise) were thought to be

Three At A Time

At Alaska's Aleutian island chain, three volcanoes are erupting at the same time, with at least two spewing low levels of ash and

Swallowing Carbon

A new discovery says earth has been swallowing more carbon than previously thought. The findings say that the carbon drawn into

Doubled The Capacity

Earth now traps double the amount of heat since 2005. This energy imbalance is the difference between the amount of energy