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Darkness in iPhone

In January WhatsApp started rolling out the Dark Mode theme for beta users on Android. Now the feature is available for beta

De-addiction Feature

TikTok is the most downloaded non-game app with 34.4% from India. he popularity is huge among teenagers. But now the app is

iPhone Supplies Affected

Apple has come forward saying that finances has taken a hit due to the epidemic coronavirus. The tech giant had earlier predicted

Stargaze on Your Mobile

Google Earth for mobile has a small and pretty update that will allow users to stargraze. This feature was available only for

Apple Maps Redesigned

Apple has redesigned the map app launched in 2012. Apple spent years rebuilding the application. Its cars travelling millions of

Tangi from Google

Joining the race in the app world Google’s Area 120 team has created a new app Tangi. This is a social video sharing app focused