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The Last Scream

The last flash of light like a scream from the heart of a galaxy 215 million light-years flared into the space from a dying star.

Obeying Einstein

Even the Universe’s most photogenic black hole obeys Einstein's General relativity. The supermassive black hole, M87* at the

An Extreme Planet

An exoplanet named WASP-189b is the most extreme planet discovered till date says astronomers. Based on the temperatures measured

The Lake in Mars

A claim in 2018 stated that a lake sits roughly 1.5 kilometres beneath ice near the south pole of the planet Mars. Analysis of

Comet Aurora

Aurora is the dancing glow of ionised particles in Earth's upper atmosphere. This phenomenon has been detected on other planets

Latest Sun Shots

During COVID-19, GREGOR, the solar telescope in Spain has undergone a major upgrade. This has helped in capturing some of

Patented Route To Moon

Travelling to moon has always inspired the earthlings. Now NASA has patented a trajectory to moon. This will help to save a

Leaking Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is leaking air above a level that can be explained. It was never airtight. Every day cabin