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Destruction On The Way

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The iceberg A68a that broke off from an Antarctic ice shelf in 2017 is on its way to crash into an island populated by penguins and seals. This is the world’s largest iceberg.

It has been drifting north ever since it broke off. Now it is dangerously close to South Georgia Island. The area is a haven to millions of gentoo, macaroni, and king penguins, as well as fur seals and elephant seals.

Though the glacier has broken off along the way, it has maintained its record-breaking bulk. The iceberg is 151 kilometers long and 48 kilometers wide. South Georgia Island, meanwhile, is 169 km long and 38 km wide.

The iceberg could grind across the island’s underwater shelf, gouging out the seabed. That would crush the marine life in its path and devastate an underwater ecosystem that’s home to more known species than the Galapagos.

There is still some hope for these seal pups and penguin chicks. At the last minute, a powerful ocean current might still twist the iceberg away from the shallow waters surrounding South Georgia Island.

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