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Determining Male And Female Dinosaurs

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Humans have been in awe of dinosaurs. Innumerable researches and studies are done on dinosaur fossils. Still scientists do not have a method to determine the sex of a dinosaur. They are yet to get enough evidence to tell males and females apart.

Few years back a scientific paper suggested female T. rex are bigger than males. This is said to be the case of some modern dinosaurs like hummingbirds and birds of prey. This is a phenomenon called reverse sexual dimorphism, where females are larger than males. There are many hypotheses for this condition. One of them is that being large helps to produce more eggs. Dimorphism is a common condition across animal kingdom. It can be observed in peacocks, angler fish etc.

Experts studied various museum specimens to determine the sex-linked size difference. However, lack of data and definite features has stopped the experts to reach a definite conclusion. Unless fossils with eggs inside are found the sex will remain a mystery using the existing dinosaur skeletons.

The study was published in Paleontology and Evolutionary Science.

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