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Digital Doctors For Air Travelers

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Aiber, a digital device to help airlines with medical emergencies in the air. Aiber was developed by MIME Technologies based at Inverness. It is a city on Scotland’s northeast coast.

Aiber enables a cabin crew trained in first aid uses to share observations and details with doctors on the ground. It allows the crew to share data continuously and chat doctors throughout the emergency. This is backed by artificial intelligence. The assessment if the passenger is stable or deteriorating can also be done. The system has completed field trials with a global aviation company.

MIME’s co-founder Dr Alasdair Mort says, “We use the AI to turn it into a really easy to understand ‘Aiber report’ that the cabin crew can use to communicate to the ground, and also to the paramedics when they arrive at an airport.”

Big airlines and companies operating business jets has already shown interest. If it takes off it can mean a lot of difference in air travel when medical emergency comes up.

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