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Do you dance..??


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Do you dance..??

We all love to dance. It’s sometimes which gives relief from stress . Moreover, dance is not only a way of expressing yourself with grace. It’s also great way to keep your body and mind healthy. To say more, health benefits of dance are immense. And there are different forms of dance that you can choose from.

Now, let’s see the different types of dance. Firstly,  Tap Dance . Usually described as musical feet. Also,   where dancers use their feet . They use shoes with metal plates on the toe and heel. Moreover, these are called taps . Also, there are many different styles of tapping. However the two most noted are Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap. Rhythm Tap is more musically driven, where as Broadway Tap is more dance and movement oriented.  Moreover, great for fostering rhythm in dancers.

The next one is Jazz. Jazz is the most popular among dancers. Jazz embodies many aspects of dance. It has been influenced by ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, African  and many more styles. Jazz pulls from all styles mixing them together to create a high energy style that knows no boundaries.

Modern was said to be developed as a rebellion against classical ballet. Since then it has come into its own. Built on concepts of rawness, modern dance focuses on the dancers strong relationship with the floor, concepts of contraction & release and the connectivity of breath and , movement.

And the next one is lyrical dance. The basis of lyrical is ballet but also encompasses both jazz and modern. It is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic.  Focuses on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. Usually set to popular songs and is based around feelings and emotions.

Hip Hop is an urban dance style also known as Street Dance. Also edgy, raw and intense. And is mostly danced to hip hop, urban, and rap music. What sets Hip Hop apart from most dance genres is that it is often freestyle in nature and does not follow a vocabulary.

Science says that aerobic exercises can alter volume loss in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls your memory. During late adulthood, the hippocampus naturally shrinks which most often causes impaired memory.

Dance gives you a strong and proper posture so that the bones and muscles can hold you upright against gravity with the least amount of energy.

Moreover, Endorphins and adrenaline work together to create a ‘dancer’s high’ which means it gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

And one of the benefits  is it improves flexibility. Also,  increasing your flexibility  will help ease post-exercise soreness and joint pain.

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