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Dock for HMS Beagle Gets Protected Status

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The remains of 19th Century dock built for Charles Darwin’s ship HMS Beagle gets the status of protected site. The submerged mud berth on the River Roach in Rochford, Essex, will be protected against unauthorised change. The ship HMS Beagle was launched in 1820.Darwin was aboard the ship on its second great voyage between 1831 and 1836 to survey the South American coast and the Galapagos Islands. During this he was able to make observations that led to his theory of natural selection. The team from Wessex Archaeology revealed the outline of the dock using a drone fitted with a specialist camera.

After the Beagle’s third and final exploratory voyage in 1843, it was refitted as a static watch vessel for the coastguard in 1845. It was sold in 1870.Evidences say that the ship was in the Rochford dock in 1870 and was likely dismantled there.

Rochford District Council also plan to build a new observation platform at the RSPB Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project, overlooking the River Roach where the ship was moored.

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