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Dolphin Gifts

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In Australia a pod of Dolphins is bringing gifts to humans. In return they expect a fish. These sea creatures have trained the humans to give fish for a gift. It seems these dolphins have missed human interaction during the lockdown.

In Tin Can Bay, Queensland, at Barnacles Cafe and Dolphin Feeding the dolphins mingle with humans. As the rules have been relaxed there are volunteers at the feeding centre. The dolphins bring an array of items – from corals to sea shells. The items that the dolphins bring back include bottles, corals, sea shells, bits of timber and wood, among other things.  At times it brings back 10 items a day to the shore, convincing volunteers it has a stash of gifts hidden away.  The photos were shared on the Facebook page of Barnacles Cafe and Dolphin Feeding. The photos have received a lot of appreciation.

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