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Domestication Started Long Back

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A study combining DNA data from ancient dogs and humans throws light into 23,000 years of domestication. The evidence from the study says dogs were domesticated from Eurasian wolves as far back as approximately 23,000 years ago. Later they spread alongside humans as they migrated throughout the world.

The ancient Native American groups are descendants of a group called Native Americans, who arose in Siberia about 21,000 years ago. Those humans must have brought dogs with them when they entered the Americas about 16,000 years ago. Study also revealed that all ancient American dogs carried a genetic signature dubbed A2b. The genetic past, the team found that the A2b dogs descended from a canine ancestor that lived in Siberia about 23,000 years ago.

While dogs are thought to have been the first domesticated animal, emerging during the Pleistocene from an extinct wolf population in Eurasia, much has remained unknown about the particulars of the animal’s entry into the world.

The analysis was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

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