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Downsizing the launcher

Downsizing the launcher


Downsizing the launcher

The first test launch is planned for mid-2019, Downsizing the launcher. Moreover, a small Indian satellite launch vehicle that was made in three days by a handful of people at about 10% of current costs looks set  global satellite launch industry.

Also, The Indian Space research organisation is planning to deploy a small launch vehicle to launch satellites of up to 500- 600 Kg i orbits close to the earth. Besides, Preliminary work to design and develop an ambitious small launch vehicle.And also, It has already  begun about three months ago at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. Moreover, the designs will enable a handful of engineers to assemble it within a week.


The VSSC has designed the vehicle using rocket technology. Besides, It already have and is waiting for ISRO’s approval. The space centre is planning to have a demonstration launch in a year, in the 2018-2019 times frames.

The development cost would be kept low at a few crore as the new launcher’s requirement of advanced electronics is considerably lower.

It could also tremendously cut the launch fee that the customesr would have to pay. This is what all space agencies aim at : low cost access to space as they call it.

Since 1999, ISRO’s PSLV rockets have launched 209 small satellites from 28 countries for a fee. They have been for experimental , university or remote sensing uses. In February 2017 , a PSLV carried a record 104 satellites to space. The next one planned in January 2018 will carry some 30 small customer satellites to space. Moreover, their weights range from 1 kg to 100 kg.

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