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Earlier Than Thought

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A mountaintop in central Mexico has revealed evidence that humans were living in North America at least 30,000 years ago. This is some 15,000 years earlier than previously thought. Nearly 2000 stone tools and other artefacts were found.

The site is at a strategic point on top of the Cerro de Peña mountain in Puebla state at a height of 1,845m (6,000ft). The evidence was found at Chiquihuite Cave. Archaeologists say the cave was used by people for at least 20,000 years. No traces of human bones or DNA were found at the site. The stone tools revealed a “mature technology”. So it is speculated that it was brought in from elsewhere.            Archaeologists think it lay hidden since the 6th Century. Access to the site is along a rocky path, which takes two and a half hours to climb.

Until recently it was believed that the first humans to set foot in the Americas crossed a land bridge from present-day Russia to Alaska some 13,500 years ago and moved south through a corridor between two massive ice sheets. Archaeological evidence include uniquely crafted spear points used to slay mammoths and other prehistoric megafauna. Many key questions remain unanswered on the route and mode of travel. Also it is a mystery “why no archaeological site of equivalent age to Chiquihuite Cave has been recognized in the continental United States”.

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