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Employment Opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality

Hospitality & Tourism Industry has created 4 Cr jobs in India

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Tourism and hospitality create diversified employment opportunities in different sectors. These are like accommodation, food and beverage establishments, etc. Moreover, transportation services, travel agencies, tour operation companies, natural and cultural attractions sites also provide jobs. Probably the challenges are poor pay and working conditions, sexual harassment, discrimination, unequal treatment. Of course low education and training, undemocratic and rigid corporate culture, seasonality and political instability which drastically reduce the number of visitors. Hence which in turn brings high employees’ turn over.

India is the second largest employment generator in the field of tourism Industry. Tourism is among the world‘s top creators of jobs. Because of this requiring varying degrees of skills and allows for quick entry into the workforce for youth, women and migrant workers.

Tourism and hospitality Career Opportunity

Some of us think that a career in this sector is on holiday-hanging out in hotels, bars and restaurant, doing a bit of work here and there, or simply jetting off around the world. Alternatively, the rest think that a job in hospitality and tourism is always a stopgap. It’s merely something you do during your holidays to earn a bit of extra cash.
The hospitality industry brings a wide range of work opportunities to the table. You could be entrusted with varied responsibilities every now and then, so you never stop learning and you never stop growing. Moreover, Hospitality jobs demand creativity.

The world opens up with the scope of the hospitality industry. According to a report by STR Global, there are over 187,000 hotels in the world. Of course,  with 17.5 million rooms to be serviced. Therefore, you can select any city or town of your choice, looking for a job that suits your experience.

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