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Fall In Carbon Emission

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused 17% drop in daily carbon emission in April globally. People have stopped travelling and other activities that caused carbon emission. This has caused drop in the emission rate. The average daily emission has decreased by 18.7 million metric tons of carbon compared to last year.

The study was conducted in 69 countries, including the US, and 30 Chinese provinces. It found that counties that had mandatory lockdowns had a 50% daily decrease in surface transport (car, bus) and 755 daily decrease in air travel. The two sectors have 36 percent and 60 percent decrease in emissions, respectively. Experts assume that there will be a 4% fall in the global carbon emission this year. Before the pandemic global emission was rising 1% per year for the last decade. Even if the world return to pre-pandemic conditions by mid-June the carbon emissions will still likely fall by 4 percent. However, this drop will be temporary unless governments incorporate climate goals into rebuilding plans.

The study was published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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