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Fight of Immune System

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The latest studies show that the human body is fighting COVID -19 like it would fight a flu. This will help in the development of the vaccine says experts. The study on how the immune system fights the coronavirus is important in developing the vaccine.

People recovering from coronavirus shows that the immune system is fighting the coronavirus. Studies revealed that four types of immune cells fight the COVID-19. The study was done on  mild-to-moderate case of the virus and those with no previous health issues. Before the patient started to recover specific cells were spotted in the bloodstream. This is similar to influenza patients where same cells also appear around the recovery. Identifying the immune cells can predict the recovery from the virus. Prof Katherine Kedzierska, the co-author of the study said, “It is really key now to understand what is lacking or different in patients who have died or who have really severe disease – so we can understand how to protect them.”

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