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Find your First Job – Preparation and Success

Preparation and Success

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Find your First Job – Preparation and Success

After graduation, the first step for a pass out is to go through a toiling process to find the very first job.  Finding your first job is not only a tensed process but finding it to your satisfaction is another issue.  Here we bring you a few simple steps to find your first job:

  1. Identify your skillsThe first step when preparing to search for a job is to find out your main skills so they become beneficial when preparing your resume as well as searching the right job. The advantage of this step is that as the job titles are expanding with more suitable positions with slightly different title, you will be able to expand and better target your search.  The new job positions will have the skills better in supporting the skills set that you have identified.
  2. Career center, networking and contacts – If you have a career guide in your college, visit him.  With him, you can discuss the different career options for your degree.  This would give you a further idea on what options you can look out for with your degree.  Moreover, this will help out in your resume preparation and the right people to contact.  Networking and maintaining your contacts with professional and alumni from college will help you in your first job as well as in your future professional life.
  3. Go through company websites and online job sites– Go through the career pages on the company websites.  This will have the latest openings for freshers.  You can also utilize the resources of the online job sites.
  4. Research and narrow down your search – Research on each company before applying especially the job location, the company values, your professional growth and the work culture.
  5. Take notes on the job listings – Save the jobs positions and the openings that you would like to apply.  This would help you in your research and preparation for an interview if there is a call after your application.
  6. Target your resume and cover letter – Customize your resume for each position you apply for.  The employer should get the feel that you are the right candidate which matches with their job description.  This would give you an upper hand among the other resumes.  Your cover letter shouldn’t be a repeat of your resume.  The cover letter should give an insight on who you are, what you have to offer and why you are the right fit for the position.
  7. Prepare for your interview – Now when preparing for the interview you should understand the company and the job position, practice on the common questions, and research on the individuals who would be doing the interview.  Its always better to be prepared with some questions to ask at the end of the interview as this would be advantage on your part.
  8. Send a thank you note – Sending a thank you note will make you stand out.

Now sometimes your first job may not be something that you have been looking out for.  However, this job will put you in contact with many people and companies.  This will surely help you out in the future job endeavors.  Sometimes the best compensation is experience and you can add this job as a volunteer experience in your resume.

Try not to give up when you can’t find a job immediately.  A  candidate need to have patience and persistence for the search.  Keep on trying and ultimately your drive and determination will be rewarded.

Good Luck!!!!


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