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First Step of Job Preparation – Resume

Excerpts on how to prepare your resume


First Step of Job Preparation – Resume

Resume is the first step of your preparation when you decide to look out for a new job. The one length sheet that you prepare will inform the potential employers about your abilities, encounters and your training and this will ascertain that you are fit for the job…

Moreover, your resume is actually an advertisement about you.  All things considered, you ought to incorporate information that will upgrade your best characteristics and wipe out conceivably disputable information. Your resume and covering letter is your prime promoting space – so utilize it well. It has to be to polished and professional at the same time.  Your resume should scream “LOOK AT ME” to your employer when he takes it, otherwise your resume will not get second glance from him.

How To Go About It:

The main step which we need to take first when we decide on creating a resume is to select the resume type.  There are three major resume types for you to choose from:

Reverse Chronological Resume

The reverse chronological resume will list out all your details in the reverse starting from the most recent to the oldest.  Under all the main headings, it would be beneficial if you would point out job titles (to show off your position) in the work history, your colleges in the education history and your special skills like language fluency.

Functional/skills-based resume

The functional/skills-based resume will simply point out the skills and abilities of the candidate.  So this resume is mainly utilized to hide the gaps in your work experience and is very beneficial for the freshers.

Combination resume

The combination resume is literally a combination of chronological resume and functional resume.  The advantage of this resume is there are no strict guidelines in this format.  The main importance is focusing on what you would like to highlight in this resume.

Tips And Tricks

After you have decided on the resume type, make sure to follow the below tips to make the resume outstanding:

  • Use white or off-white 8 ½ x 11-inch paper.
  • Go for a font size of 10 – 14 points to make sure the text is legible.
  • Use recommended font style.
  • Give attractive titles.
  • Try to use action words and active voice to describe your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Exclude personal data such as age, weight..etc.
  • Minimize jargon and abbreviations.
  • Spell check and proof read your resume.
  • And finally always mail a cover letter along with your resume.

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