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Fish With See-through Head

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Deep beneath the sea a bizzare fish exist. It has see-through head and the glowing green eyes inside. It can look upward through its own forehead to find prey. Called Barreleye fish, it lives in the ocean twilight zone.

The footage of the barreleye fish was captured thousands of feet beneath the surface of Monterey Bay off California. The fish has a bulbous, translucent head and green orb-like eyes that peer out through its forehead. It is rarely seen. Researchers with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have only spotted the species nine times, despite having sent their remotely operated vehicles (ROV) on more than 5,600 dives in the fish’s habitat.

But last week, a team of scientists deployed MBARI’s ROV Ventana and caught sight of a barreleye fish suspended in the water. At the time, the ROV was cruising at a depth of about 2,132 feet (650 meters) in the Monterey Submarine Canyon. The barreleye first appeared very small out in the blue distance.

The barreleye has been a fish of fascination for MBARI researchers for some time. Originally, scientists thought the fish’s tubular eyes could only see upward above the fish’s head, but a paper published in 2009 described how the eyes could rotate inside the transparent shield so it could see forward as well. The deep-sea creature is used to operating in darkness and its unusual eyes help it find food in those conditions. MBARI researchers have discovered the fish eat jellies and max out at 6 inches (15 centimeters) in length. The two little indentations on its face are actually olfactory organs, essentially nostrils.

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