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Footage Of Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

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National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has released a 21 second footage of the now-extinct Tasmanian tiger. It is part of a forgotten travelogue Tasmania The Wonderland, made in 1935.

In the footage a tiger named Benjamin pacing around his enclosure at Beaumaris Zoo in the Tasmanian city of Hobart. The NFSA said the film was probably made by Brisbane-based Sidney Cook, although there are no end credits. Benjamin was the last known surviving thylacine in captivity. It died in 1931.

Thylacine is one of Australia’s most famous extinct predators, the species widely known as Tasmanian tigers. Before this discovery, humans had little more than three minutes of silent black-and-white footage of thylacines. The footage is digitised in 4K and released online, to remember these enigmatic animals by. In the background, the narrator can be heard explaining that the Tasmanian tiger “is now very rare, being forced out of its natural habitat by the march of civilisation.”

Watch the video here: https://twitter.com/NFSAonline/status/1262599231447003136

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