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Found The Island Of Gold

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Divers in the Musi River near Palembang, Indonesia have found hundreds of figurines, temple bells, tools, mirrors, coins and ceramics. They also found golden sword hilts and gold-and-ruby rings, carved jars and wine jugs and flutes shaped like peacocks. These discoveries point to the fact that Scientists have located the lost city of Srivijaya.

Srivijaya was once a wealthy and powerful port along the East-West maritime trade route.

Srivijaya, ruled by the king, ruled the Straits of Malacca in the mid-600s.However in 1025 the war with the Chola dynasty in India destroyed the power of the Straits of Malacca. According to historians, Sri Vijaya has weakened its influence since then, but trading there continued for another two centuries. The last Prince of Srivijaya, Parameswara, sought to regain control of trade in the region in the 1390s, but was firmly defeated by troops from the nearby Kingdom of Java. After that, Sri Vijaya and its surroundings became a paradise for Chinese pirates.

There are few traces of the glorious days of Srivijaya, except for the glittering artifacts that divers have drawn from the river.

No official excavations have been conducted in or around the river. The relics are sold to individual collectors in the world antique market. That is, even if the artifacts resurface and eventually point to the location of Sri Vijaya, there is little physical evidence of what everyday life was like there, said Sean, a marine archaeologist and editor.

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