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From Rocket To Respiratory Device

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Virgin Orbit, owned by Richard Branson’s aerospace company that specialized in developing rockets to launch small satellites into space to produce respiratory device. The company has created a new medical equipment to treat patients with COVID-19. The device will help people get much-needed oxygen when they’re short of breath. The company will start mass-production of the device after necessary approvals from the FDA.

The machine will automatically pump ambulatory bags. Now the emergency responders squeeze manually to pump air into a patient’s lungs. This is for patients who do not require a ventilator. So that ventilators can be used for people who need them most and free the health care workers to treat patients who are in critical need. The company with the help of California Emergency Medical Services Authority got in touch with Bridge Ventilator Consortium, which includes researchers at the University of California, Irvine and the University of Texas, Austin. The guidance on what kind of devices will benefit the medical community was provided to Virgin Orbit. They ultimately came up with this automatic pump and started building it with materials and tools already located at the company’s factory in Long Beach, California.

Virgin Orbit is still open for business in California as it has been deemed an essential business by the state, due to the company’s contracts with NASA and the Department of Defense.

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