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Giant ‘Book of the Dead’

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Ancient Egyptian burial grounds has been the treasure trove of fascination objects. The latest in the list is a 13-foot-long papyrus that contains Chapter 17 of the ‘Book of the Dead’. This manuscript was used by ancient Egyptians to help guide the deceased through the afterlife.

The script was found in a series of burial shafts containing the remains of people who lived during the 18th and 19th dynasties of Egypt (1550 BCE – 1186 BCE) near funerary temple belonging to Queen Nearit. These burials were likely part of a Teti-worshipping cult that formed after the pharaoh’s death. The cult seems to have remained active for more than a millennium, with people wanting to be buried near the pharaoh’s pyramid.

Copies of Chapter 17 that were previously discovered contain a series of questions and answers, a cheat sheet of sorts for people trying to navigate the afterlife. Whether the newly found copy of Chapter 17 has the same question-and-answer format remains to be seen. The name of the papyrus’s owner, Pwkhaef, is written on it; that same name was also found on one of the wooden coffins and on four shabti figurines meant to serve the deceased in the afterlife.

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