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Gold Coin At Keeladi Excavation

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The ancient Keeladi site , excavations have unearthed a gold coin similar to the one used in the 17th century AD. The site is in Tamil Nadu, India. The coin has a U-like symbol referred to as `Naamam’ in front along with a sun-like symbol in the middle and a lion below it. There are 12 dots on the backside. Below the dot, there is a figure having two hands and two legs. The gold coin measured one cm in diameter. The 17th century coins are known as `veerarayan panam.’

This is the sixth phase of excavations at Keeladi. In the present phase, excavations are carried out in neighboring Agaram, Manalur and Konthagai villages, as well. Two burial urns were found in Konthagai. It is believed to be a burial site. Pots and a large number of snail shells were found in Manalur.

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