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High Tech Force Lowest Tech Vehicle

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The US Space Force has acquired the lowest tech vehicle a horse. The 5-year old mustang, Ghost is to be a conservation cop. It is to help the human members of the Working Horse program traverse the vast hills and beaches of Vandenburg, keeping an eye on the area’s many protected species and any intruders that might pose a threat to them. As per the official sources 15 endangered or threatened species live within the base’s borders. Patrolling the base’s far corners with motor vehicles proves too difficult. So the base turned to horses. Currently Ghost is undergoing rigorous training and riding three times a week with a personal trainer.

Ghost is an American Quarter Horse. He was acquired from the Bureau of Land Management and is currently being trained for Vandenberg Air Force Base’s Conservation Working Horse Program. Ghost was part of a BLM program that captures wild mustangs and tames them for work with humans. The horses of the military working horse program do everything from enforcing fish and game laws to managing endangered species.

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