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Interstellar Object Of 2014

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In 2014 over the skies over Papua New Guinea in 2014 there was a fireball. Now based on the recent memo released by the U.S. Space Command (USSC) is was a fast-moving object from another star system.

The object was a small meteorite measuring just 0.45 meter across, slammed into Earth’s atmosphere on Jan. 8, 2014. This was after traveling through space at more than 130,000 mph. The documented speed far exceeds the average velocity of meteors that orbit within the solar system, according to a 2019 study of the object.

That 2019 study argued that the wee meteor’s speed, along with the trajectory of its orbit, proved with 99% certainty that the object had originated far beyond our solar system. So it could be from the deep interior of a planetary system or a star in the thick disk of the Milky Way galaxy says experts. But despite their near certainty, the team’s paper was never peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal. this was due to the fact that some of the data needed to verify their calculations was considered classified by the U.S. government.

Now, USSC scientists have officially confirmed the team’s findings. In a memo dated March 1 and shared on Twitter on April 6. This confirmation retroactively makes the 2014 meteor the first interstellar object ever detected in our solar system. The object’s detection predates the discovery of ‘Oumuamua – a now-infamous, cigar-shaped object that is also moving far too fast to have originated in our solar system.

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