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Kerala Medieval Period Basics

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  1. The period between the 8th and the 18th century is considered as the Medieval period of Kerala.
  2. The 14 nadus from Kolathunadu in the north to the Venad in the south were under the rule of the Perumals.
  3. Rulers from Rajasekharan to Ramakulasekharan ruled during 800-1122 CE, this was termed as the rule of Perumals.
  4. Perumals had representatives called Koyiladhikarikal.
  5. In the matters of administration, the Perumals were assisted by Naluthali, the council of Brahmins.
  6. Perumals had a militia called Ayiram  (Thousand).
  7. Centralised rule came into being in Kerala for the first time under Perumals.
  8. Naduvazhi Swaroopam of Eranadu was Nediyiruppu Swaroopam.
  9. Naduvazhi Swaroopam of Kolathunadu was Kola Swaroopam.
  10. Naduvazhi Swaroopam of Kochi was Perumpadappu Swaroopam.
  11. Naduvazhi Swaroopam of Venadu was Thrippapur Swaroopam. 
  12. Marthandavarma was instrumental in leading Venadu into modernity.
  13. Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan were the Mysore sultans who marched to Kerala.
  14. Owners of devaswam land were called Ooralar.
  15. Tarisappalli Copper Plate has Vattezhuthu script.
  16. The Verumpattam land was the land given to the Kudiyans by the Janmis.
  17. Tuhafatul Mujahideen, written by Sheikh Sainuddin Makhdoom, features the political, social and economic history of medieval Kerala. 
  18. Kanthaloor Sala are  centers where the Vedas were taught in the medieval Kerala.
  19. Manipravalam was a literary style used in Medieval liturgical texts in South India, mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil.
  20. Ballads songs are formed in related to leading a battle.

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