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Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet

The buzz around low carbohydrate diets including the Ketogenic Diet has been around for decades. However, what sets the Keto Diet apart from others is it’s insistence on replacing carbohydrates with liberal dose of fat in the diet. The keto diet enjoys a huge fan following and the before and after testimonials seem too alluring to be ignored! So here’s a brief to know how on the diet so that you can make an informed choice.

The Science Behind Ketogenic Diet

The science behind the Ketogenic Diet is rooted in the concept that when the body doesn’t get enough carbohydrates as fuel , it starts using stored fat as a source of energy. Also, Avoiding or going very low on carbohydrate sources brings the blood glucose levels down and results in the breaking down of fats by the liver. It resulting in the production of metabolites such as ketones.

Moreover, as the level of ketone bodies or ketones elevate, the brain and other tissues adapt and start using ketones as usable energy sources. However, an effective way of kicking off this state of ketosis in the body is either by prolonged fasting or relying on a diet. And that provides less than 20-30 grams of carbohydrates or only 5-10 percent of calories from carbohydrates.

Unlike  the balanced diet norm of ensuring that 55-65 percent of calories from carbs, 15-20 percent from proteins. And 20-30 percent from fats. Moreover, the Ketogenic Diet suggests a hike up of 70-80 percent of daily calories coming from foods rich in fats such as meats, eggs, butter, cheese, oil and nuts.

Besides, a typical Ketogenic Diet breakfast includes a bowl of cottage cheese salad or a spinach omelette with almond milk. Also, the meals grilled chicken or poached fish with broccoli. Moreover the snack choices are unsweetened yogurt, nuts or cucumber sticks dipped in cheese sauce.

The weight loss in a short while is surely more dramatic than traditional diets . And this works as a motivator to the individual to continue with the regime. Moreover the keto enthusiasts report improved satiety, higher energy levels and quick weight loss as perks.  However, the benefits start waning over time as adherence to this highly restrictive diet become challenging.

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